“We've been contacted multiple times due to our post.  Everyone we've worked with have been wonderful.  It's great to have an outlet to connect people and facilitate communication.”

“ALex Code in Gaylord, MI  posted something about map making.  I emailed him details of my climat e change USA map. He is currently make a rough draft of it.  We will be in contact mid April.    James Campbell”

James Campbelll shared this story on April 4, 2019

Map maker

“Got response really fast. And found the business partner! Great job!”

“Very great cartographers.”

“Brian helped me successfully update the style on my tileset very quickly!”

“There was a website recommended to me to create my own interactive maps, this website provided the versatility for me to complete the map as required. Awesome assistance!”

Dan Smith shared this story on March 24, 2016

Interactive US Map